“I felt like I was moving through the viscous fluid of my deeper, (less examined) emotional self, a plane that was actually comparable to the experience I had with Ayahuasca.” – Max, programmer/musician

“My preference has always been a dripping sweaty class that leaves me unable to move for days. Yin seemed for the tired and cosy types. And even though there can be a little grain of truth to any prejudice, SA RA eradicated my doubts with a storm of emotions. In her classes I go from pleasure to anger, from anger to gratitude. Every class I find myself hating the world, myself and even SA RA. The class triggers something usually inaccessibly deep in me, but through SA RA’s mindful, calm guidance – I get there. I stay there. And by staying there, with her and myself, an intense gratitude and joy implodes in me. Every time it’s the same game. I leave each class closer to manifesting the person I strive to be.  I’m a warrior, and with SA RA I know where to aim and heal.” – Liesel B., artist

“SA RA guides me to work into the deeper layers of my muscles and psyche. Hers is a slow, conscious build. She is a one-of-kind teacher who helps you to deliver your own inner message. Show up and listen well.” – Stephanie B., artist/curator

“I experienced SA RA’s Manifestation Yin for the first time as a new mother of a 3 month old baby. In this brief 1.5 hour session, I was able to dive into a non-time space, it felt like joining with a divine source, a deep powerful interior space, almost galactic. I felt the beauty, creativity and the largeness of life. I was able to reflect and feel motherhood with all of my body. It was a space where mental activity quieted enough so I could listen and open. I felt nourished and empowered after and could feel the experience in my body for days after.” – Su Yun, visual artist/composer

“I was experiencing intense health problems at the time and the night of SA RA’s yoga was the only time during my month-long illness that I felt true relief. I was overcome with a feeling of optimism produced by the connection of the physical and the almost meditative states that SA RA so perfectly curated.” – Jonathan J., artist/musician

“…an amazing yin experience that you can keep your eyes closed through the entire practice. SA RA uses her magical cues to get you from one pose to the next as if you were a sculpture she was forming with her words. It is extremely meditative and relaxing.” -Emily D., yoga studio creatrix/actress

“SA RA’s Manifestation Yin is a ritual that opens a door into deep listening – to your own body. Within the length and depth of each posture, what has been ignored or forgotten in the eternal rush of producing, speaking, presenting is given space to be heard, seen and felt. Heaviness pops up in spots you would not have known, stretches feel hard as the ego is protesting. Questions occur because SA RA provides space to ask, and leads you back on the very own track you have chosen to walk on. In-between well-tempered sound and candlelight, she offers insights that result from lived wisdom and her own path of inquiry about thyself. Under her guidance, you might be able to perceive your intention within the depth of time, and find tools to fold it back into 3D.” -Judith S., artist

“Sara’s Yin Yoga is transformative and life-enriching. Her focused style of relaxation and deep opening creates a strong current of harmony in the body, mind, and spirit for an overall feeling of grounded bliss.” – Yvonne, artist/actress

“I was able to grieve something I didn’t know I had to grieve. I understood my blocks to finding partnership and true love.” – Saewon, herbalist/artist