Spiritual Ally during life pivot

so many people i’ve been meeting have been talking about going through major life pivot / restructuring. you feel something deep inside of you that feels incongruous to the life you’re currently living, and you’re yearning for a new reality that you can’t quite put to words or maybe you can but it feels too far from reach from where you are now. this feeling has been brewing inside you for quite some time, it comes and goes, but it seems to have a mind of its own – you want to release it, it feels deep and ancient, bigger than what the mind can conceive, maybe you are even intimidated of its power that grows the more you try to just go on with your life. trying to stop it or avoid it is draining you from being able to carry on as usual. and the current activities you’re involved in seem lackluster as you’re not actually able to fully participate with all the stuff that’s going on inside of you. it’s much deeper than what perhaps can be explained to some of the characters in your life who don’t seem to get what you’re talking about. which only exacerbates the inner tension you feel.  and you feel isolated, alone. you just want to be able to create what you want to create and be free, connected, mirthful, flowing in exchanges of love. but you think to yourself, why is this happening to me?? what’s wrong with me???!

this pretty much sums up what i was going through during my time living in berlin spanning over 8 years. i went there to be free and make art. until i realized i was not free and blocked from creating. so. much. pain. frustration. self-doubt.  i berated myself for what wasn’t happening and what was happening: chronic physical ailments, toxic relationships, isolation. what i didn’t know at the time was that i was going through major deep spiritual initiation renewal process. what mystics call ‘dark night of the soul’ which yes felt really dark. but it’s also a deep call to really see what’s been unconsciously stored in our bodies and minds – to be brought up to the surface so that it can be released and healed. what i didn’t know then was that there was a larger purpose to it, and it is a sacred rite of passage journey you are elected to go through for the sake of actually getting to know your true essence self, to waking up to your deeper higher purpose, and thus getting to everything you truly want to be and create. but birthing this new you is an intense process and what i wish in hindsight is to have had a Spiritual Ally to help me through the process. to have a witness, an ally in the challenging transition you may be experiencing, to validate to bless and to honor this time of transformation, as you give birth to the new you. 

‘what is to give light is to endure burning’ – anais nin.

this is at the heart of why i am launching my 6-week Spiritual Ally Program – it’s an opportunity for you to have 1-on-1 time with me as your Spiritual Ally through your transformation process. we meet 1x week 1 hour over zoom web conference, for an intuitive process of exchange.  this includes meditation and specially tailored homework/further inquiry inbetween sessions. since this program is in beta during july and august i am offering this at a special discounted rate. 

please message me if you are interested! yosarayoga@gmail.com

or you can also book a free 20minute connection call with me by messaging available times and your phone number.


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