tiny prickly thorns

So maybe you are carrying on with your day to day tasks crossing things off the list mustering up an extra bit of cheerful ‘I’m great!’ when the cashier at the grocery story asks you how you’re doing and you mostly do agree with that you think, but what are those things or happenings underneath the surface perhaps ranging from so subtle you could almost ignore it (but you still know it’s there) to even acute emotional pain pangs that creep up on you and your equilibrium is disturbed. You know you’ve been irked by whatever it is but maybe then you try not to let it bother you, even casting it off as ‘not a big deal’ or ‘i’m just being silly, too sensitive’ or (fill in the blank), but there it is, sitting in the shadowy corner of your mind, staring right back at you. Maybe you’re even annoyed with yourself for feeling this way. Maybe this feeling occurrence has a similar flavor to something you felt not so long ago, or at least it feels quite familiar to you. like a riddle, this feeling keeps coming back. there are multiple parallel realities and there is the dissonance of whether this invisible realm of subjective feeling has legitimacy over what appears in the seen This Is How Things Should Be and How You Should Act and Behave and What Is Acceptable vs Not Acceptable to Be Bothered About in the physical world. i am putting it out there to say: HELL YES ALL your feelings matter, NO you are not overreacting, YES to caring for even the tiniest little pricklings. I was at my friend’s house the other day (hi soliana) in her backyard that has a bunch of wildflowers and prickly shrubs, and i ended up getting jabbed with tiny little thorns. i had to painstakingly take each one out, with care because it was hurting me. what if we honored our emotions the same we’d do with our physical body when it is in pain. And by honoring – I mean to allow yourself to be fully unconditionally present to it, watching listening feeling allowing the experience of discomfort the pain to Be as it is with the attitude of care. Receiving the full entirety of it. The way your best friend or lover could be for you. 

There, I’ve just expressed a core reason for creating ManifestationYin – a powerful ritual for deep self-care, to care for the thorns in your life. What are the thorns in your life? Every time you choose to care for your pain, you gain power. You need this power as the momentum for the abundant flourishing creatively bursting visionary life you’re meant to live.

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