Lunar Illuminations

what are the opposing forces in your life? where do you need more care?

we can get so accustomed to giving and being there for others, that it can feel odd to do the same for ourselves. especially when we’re going through a rough moment. now we’re giving ourselves a hard time about having a hard time. as if something is wrong with you and this thing that’s happening shouldn’t be happening. because if I were ‘better’ or ‘different’ than how i am then this wouldn’t be happening. or if ‘they’ were better or different, then this wouldn’t be happening. look: that just took a millisecond to downward spiral.

leading up to the full moon on wednesday you may sense heightened mental activity, which can feel like you’re being pulled in different directions by inner and outer forces and can have the effect of feeling depleted, cloudy, disconnected, or frozen and unable to flow with ease.

this is optimal for going Yin (getting receptive, interoceptive). we use this state to turn inward to give and receive our own care, and activate fierce presence to awaken to the deeper space within, in poses that inspire deeper listening, to allow your own innate knowing to rise to the surface.

you may spontaneously intuit a solution to an issue you’ve been encountering, you may experience sudden spurts of heightened clarity and creativity that you are so down to channel, you may find yourself feeling lighter and more grounded, you may experience shinier twinklier eyes, you may soften and take a more caring approach to your own self, other animals and humans that come your way… 

In this brief 1.5 hour session, I was able to dive into a non-time space, it felt like joining with a divine source, a deep powerful interior space, almost galactic. I felt the beauty, creativity and the largeness of life. “

(a message i received from a client)


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