what’s not being heard, spoken, seen by you

Just because these pieces of yourself haven’t surfaced to meet the physical world yet, doesn’t mean they’re not real or any less valid. I will go on to say there is immense value in all that happens below the surface. What no one else could hear or see except for you, especially pertaining to how you really feel. Even if that feeling is of not knowing what it even is that you feel, or the feelings that create a sense of discomfort in any way. But every part of you matters. Not just what gets noticed or approved of. Those parts that don’t feel like they matter enough, or kept sealed shut are an invitation for your own care to shift in how you perceive them. And in that very tiniest shift of opening towards the deeper spaces within yourself, you start to tap into a whole new expansive reality, and start to discern deeper truths of your being that can only be felt and experienced. This is the purpose for why I’ve created ManifestationYin, a space where you can shift – towards opening and listening to your deeper self – where maybe no one else has gone before – only you can.

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